The project that started it all, BERT, is a video projection unit that is mounted onto a child’s gurney, thus following the patient into the operating room. The large screen size allows children to watch a comforting movie to distract them during what is perhaps the most stressful part of the preoperative procedure: the moment they are separated from parents and wheeled away. Additionally, using BERT as a non-medicinal anxiolytic reduces the amount of oral anxiety medications given to children. BERT has been shown to improve both patient and family satisfaction levels. While BERT has been primarily used to calm children before surgery, it has also been used in other areas of the hospital, such as for children about to receive radiation therapy or MRI. Recently, the use of the BERT project has even extended to hospitals as far as in Barcelona, Spain.

Sevo the Dragon

Sevo the Dragon is a novel game integrating patient interaction while using the BERT system to aid with mask induction. Patients select a character from the three dragon options – red, blue, and green, each with a different hat. You can then choose from three food choices for the dragon to cook by breathing fire – birthday cake, tacos, and pizza. The perioperative team controls these choices through the mounted touchscreen projector.  Similar to our BERT setup, the game begins in the preoperative area and then travels to the OR without interruption. In the OR, the patient’s parent can aid and hold the anesthesia mask to the patient’s face, which allows for anesthesia induction. The dragon breathes fire which emulates the exhalation of the patient and is followed by deep inhalation of the anesthetic.


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