Virtual Reality

VR in obstetrics

While many of our studies have been focused on children, we are now expanding on the clinical use of VR with adults. We are currently recruiting and enrolling for a study focused on pregnant women who are receiving an epidural prior to labor. With relaxing underwater scenery, we hope this can be used as a tool for women undergoing child-laboring procedures.


Spaceburgers is a virtual reality game designed specifically for children in the hospital setting. In this game, patients get transported to outer space as they are immersed in relaxing music and zap space objects. Keep an eye out for crazy Spaceburgers that have somehow made their way into Earth’s orbit. This is the first game of its kind that allows a healthcare provider to adjust the cognitive load according to the patient’s needs. This way we can increase the amount of distraction during the most stressful parts of your child’s experience.

Pebbles the Penguin

Pebbles the Penguin needs to collect pebbles for his friends. Help guide Pebbles and Ms. Pebbles through virtual luge with an abundance of surprises and exciting adventures!

Johnny Vive

Patients and staff often experience stress and anxiety in the hospital environment. Our aim is to implement virtual reality to all sectors of the hospital. Using the room-scale HTC Vive, we are conducting a relaxation survey to assess the effectiveness of Virtual Reality. Experiences within the HTC Vive are catered towards relaxing the user and include Tilt Brush, Guided Mediation VR, and theBLU.


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