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Your investment and contributions to Invincikids returns better health, greater education, and faster transformation in patient care around the world.

Distribution and access 

Your support will directly support Invincikid’s core mission, to distribute immersive technology hardware and software to aid hospitals in improving the pediatric patient experience. As Invincikids grows, your aid will help us speed up our distribution without adding costs to the healthcare recipients, especially for facilities and groups who have limited access to the latest resources and technology. 


Global impact

The Invincikids Global program focuses on sending some of the latest technologies to where they are needed most. We translate VR experiences into the local languages, do needs assessments, and provide ongoing support for international locations. Low-resource healthcare settings can especially benefit from immersive tech, which can reduce the need for general anesthesia.

Training and education 

Immersive technologies are readily embraced by pediatric patients, still the adoption of these technologies into the standard routines of healthcare professionals requires integration expertise. Not only do we provide implementation assistance, Invincikids partners have access to a library of resources and training materials. Contributions directly support our most impactful work and lets us to continue to move nimbly in ever-changing healthcare and technology spaces.

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