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Drive innovation, open dialogue, and transformation, together.

Driving innovation, open dialogue, and transformation together.

Our partners, collaborators, and leadership come from–and work in- all sectors, in all parts of the world. Discover the opportunities you can contribute to our work towards a healthier and better healthcare experience.

Ways to get involved

For individuals

We’re always seeking the support from our individual contributors–business advisors, specialists, marketers, and healthcare professionals– willing to help us further our impact. Those who want to help us make measurable improvements in patient care, safety, and education can support us by:

✓ Making a donation

✓ Offering your expertise and services through the Consortium

✓ Providing outreach support


For technology-software and hardware-specialists

Our work is made possible by innovations and new products, software, and applications emerging from the technology sector and through those who marry technology with healthcare solutions.


Coders, developers, engineers, and specialists play a critical role, including: 

Customizing technology to adapt to changing practices in healthcare

Support modifications to hardware solutions

Training and technology education for program partners


Institutional Partners

For Hospitals

Hospitals, facilities, and clinical groups of all sizes can accelerate the distribution of our immersive technology program. Program partners can support the care and improvements in children care in various ways, including: 

✓ Accelerating on-the-ground distribution and application of our immersive technology program

✓ Providing clinicians and researchers direct access to our techniques to contribute our methodologies

✓ Sharing expertise and knowledge through the Consortium



For U.S.-based business and organizations

Invincikids partners with like-minded organizations who drive our impact and advancements in the care of children, hardware and technology, and education and training in health management. 


✓ Providing in-kind donations


✓ Expanding Invincikids domestic and international reach

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