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Through the Invincikids Consortium, we share our knowledge, methodologies, and expertise to all.

With a growing community of leading research and children's hospitals utilizing free research based software the Invincikids Consortium offers members opportunities to share data to accelerate discovery and generate new hypotheses, as well as promote worldwide adoption of clinical immersive technology experiences for pediatric patients.

Open-exchange worldwide platform

Our international collective – Invincikids Consortium – convenes the expertise of its founders, specialists, and medical providers, to distribute research, resources, training guides, and advice to refine and iterate our patient care delivery.


Building a global collective 

Fueled by research grants and private and corporate philanthropy, the software and customized hardware developed by physicians, child life specialists, and physical therapists soon spread across the U.S. and internationally. The founding team of doctors helped to initiate clinical immersive technology programs in over 20 hospitals and counting! 


With a growing community of hospitals utilizing the software and hardware suite, Invincikids was established in 2019 to accelerate worldwide adoption of clinical immersive technology experiences for pediatric patients.

Join the Consortium

We invite all those leveraging our software suite to join the Invincikids Consortium. From medical professionals, peer health and technology organizations, and individual contributors, our Consortium is open to all those who are eager to contribute their knowledge and problem-solve clinical immersive experiences for patients.

Top benefits for our members


Early access to new software offerings and technology developments


Recruitment and collaboration opportunities between developers, clinicians, and experts


Access to an international directory of physicians and centers using immersive technology


Exclusive access to our invitation-only events, forums, training sessions, and peer programs


Access to a repository of research data, clinical trials, and case studies


Newsletter covering the latest insights, developments, resources, and grant opportunities

Interested in joining the consortium?

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