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Our goal is to make children’s healthcare better, today.​

The problem

Children are often scared, anxious, and uncooperative before receiving medical care: an experience that can lead to emotional and psychological trauma with lasting impacts.


As well, access to safe anesthesia for children is lacking, worldwide. Even when general anesthesia is available, physicians trained to provide care and therapy to children are hard to find.

Compassion meets technology

We saw children distressed, and watched their spirit dull from fear before critical operations and being in hospital settings. We knew we had to do something about it.


Using what we had on hand, we found a way to strap a portable projector [1] and screen to a gurney and display movies for the child in bed. Our hope was to make our patient's in-hospital experience more positive.


The results?

The patient loved it. Not only was the child less afraid and more cooperative [2], but, in some cases, removed the need for anesthesia [3] altogether. 


Immersive tech has proven to enhance the experience for the kids, the parents, and the clinicians—for everyone.


The opportunity

We’re determined to dramatically improve healthcare experiences for all children, regardless of their social, economic, or cultural backgrounds. Through our scalable technology-based solutions, and an engaged community of healthcare professionals committed to improving the quality of care for every child, we can – together – transform children’s healthcare, globally.

Our technologies

BERT started it all

The project that started it all–BERT–is a video projection unit mounted to a child’s gurney. Discover the original, and how it paved the way to new methods of preoperative care.


Distraction & rehab VR

VR has been proven to ameliorate fear and pain before entering operations. Now VR can also be applied for pain relief [4] and postoperative rehabilitation [5].

Medical simulation

We use VR [6] and augmented reality [7] to help train providers to better care for children.


Join the effort

The access to our immersive technology program, implementation and technical support, and educational resources is made possible by a community of partners. 

Discover ways you or your organization can work with us.

Give your support

Kids deserve the best and highest quality healthcare experience possible.


Every contribution counts towards advancing access to improved healthcare for kids around the world.

Interested in getting involved?

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