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Discover a selection of research on immersive applications.


Real Time Reorientation and Cognitive Load Adjustment Allow for Broad Application of Virtual Reality in Pediatric Hospital

Caruso, TJ; Barreau A; Khoury, M; Menendez, M; Wang, E; Rodriguez, S

Accepted and pending publication at Journal of Clinical and Translational Research.

Mobilization and Calibration of the HTC VIVE for Virtual Reality Physical Therapy

Hemphill, S; Nguyen, A; Rodriguez, ST; Menendez, M; Wang, E; Lawrence, K; Caruso, TJ

Digital Health

2020 Sep 11, PMID: 32963801

Using Augmented Reality to Reduce Fear and Promote Cooperation During Pediatric Otolaryngologic Procedures

Caruso, TJ; Madill, M; Sidell, D; Meister, K; Wang, E; Menendez, M; Rodriguez, S


2020 Sep 4, PMID: 32886794

Small Surgeries, Big Smiles: Using virtual reality to reduce the need for sedation or general anesthesia during minor surgical procedures

Taylor, J; Chandler, J; Menendez, M; Diyaolu, M; Austin, J; Gibson, M; Portelli, K; Caruso, TJ; Rodriguez, S; Chao, S

Pediatric Surgery International

2021 Jul 16, PMID: 34269867

The Physiologic and Emotional Effects of 360-Degree Video Simulation on Head-Mounted Display vs In-Person Simulation: A Non-Inferiority, Randomized Controlled Trial

Caruso TJ, Armstrong-Carter E, Rama A, Neiman N, Taylor K, Madill M, Lawrence K, Hemphill S, Domingue BW

Simulation in Healthcare.

2021 Jun 11. PMID: 34120135

Virtual Reality for Pediatric Periprocedural Care

Wang E, Thomas JJ, Rodriguez ST, Kennedy KM, Caruso TJ

Current Opinion in Anesthesiology.

2021 Jun 01, 34(3): 284-91. PMID: 33935176

Mindfulness-Based Virtual Reality Intervention for Children and Young Adults with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Pilot Feasibility and Acceptability Study

Wren, A; Neiman, N; Caruso, TJ; Rodriguez, S; Tayler, K; Madill, M; Rives, H; Nguyen L


2021 May 5, 8(5):368. PMID: 34063034

Virtual Reality Augments Movement during Physical Therapy: A Pragmatic Randomized Trial

Hemphill, S; Rodriguez, S; Wang, E; Simons, L; Caruso, TJ

American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

2021 Apr 30, PMID: 33935153

Leveraging VR/AR to combat chronic pain in youth: Position paper from the Interdisciplinary Network on Virtual and Augmented (AR/VR) Technologies for Pain (INOVATE-Pain) Management

Logan DE, Simons LE, Caruso T, Gold JI, Greenleaf W, Griffin A, King C, Menendez M, Olbrecht V, Rodriguez S, Silvia M, Stinson J, Wang E, Williams S, Wilson L

Journal of Medical Internet Research

2021 Mar 4, PMID: 33667177

Unique considerations of virtual reality utilization for perioperative pediatric patients

Yuan, J; Rodriguez, S; Caruso, T

Pediatric Anesthesia

2021 Feb, 31(3): 377-378. PMID: 33631038

Virtual Reality Facilitates Physical Therapy in the Cardiovascular ICU

Hemphill, S; Nguyen, A; Kwon, J; Rodriguez, S; Wang, E; Caruso, TJ

Pediatric Physical Therapy

2021, 33(1): E7-E9. PMID: 33337780

Integrated Eye-Tracking on Magic Leap One during Augmented Reality Medical Simulation: A Technical Report

Caruso, TJ; Hess, O; Roy, K; Wang, E; Rodriguez, S; Palivathukal, C; Haber, N

BMJ Simulation & Technology Enhanced Learning

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