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Welcome to Invincikids

Transforming healthcare experiences for children everywhere, today.

Our mission

We aim to increase the access and use of immersive technologies for pain management in children in healthcare settings all over the world.


What we do

Develop custom software [1] and hardware modifications to VR and immersive technology for healthcare applications [2]

Distribute FREE Immersive Technology Solutions and provide implementation training and support for partner hospitals and clinics worldwide  [3]

Leverage discoveries and developments from clinicians, researchers, and the industry sector to evolve our techniques

Build a collective of experts, contributors, and innovators across sectors to share and create sustainable solutions to improve the health and well-being for all patients

Core values

Pursuit of compassion, and empathy

Empathy and genuine relationships are fundamental to our daily being. From the beginning, our determination to build Invincikids came from our desire to treat the pain and needs we saw in our patients. It guides not only our work, but our interactions with all those we work with.

Shared and open access

We believe that technology, expertise, and resources should be available to all. Open access to our knowledge strengthens collaboration and supports advancements across our field, helping us towards better, scalable solutions sooner.

Community-driven learning and innovation

We understand that innovation can’t happen alone. We achieve change by learning in partnership with organizations and bringing together passionate, committed contributors. By learning from each other, we fulfill our commitment to advance our community’s health and well-being.

Who we work with

We collaborate with hospitals, healthcare professionals, technology experts, and professionals across sectors who are all dedicated to improving the patient experience and quality of care for children.


We currently work with over fifty top Children’s Hospitals and Research Institutions to distribute free immersive technology software developed at Stanford University and other leading research partners.  We provide support to Institutional Partners to train staff and advise them as they introduce and routinize the use of immersive technology in their unique settings.  We are also working with these partners to distribute immersive technology that they are researching and developing.


Hospitals and medical professionals


Developers and technology specialists



experts and researchers



committee and

board members

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